Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Buddha’s Law Among The Birds

“ The Buddha’s Law Among The Birds” -saw this title while flipping through the catalog at a Bodh Gaya book store recently. The book jacket described that no more than three centuries ago, an anonymous Lama wrote an interesting poem describing how the birds of the Himalayas met under the leadership of the cuckoo bird […]

Leap of Faith

Understanding the Indian Matrimonial System Robert Krulwich’s column on NPR addresses those finding love on this Leap day! HOW TO MARRY THE RIGHT GIRL: A MATHEMATICAL SOLUTION is a brilliant take on Martin Gardner’s mathematical formula to successfully find a spouse (or a secretary or a garage mechanic). The solution is to interview only the first […]

The One Item List

THE ONE ITEM LIST Every morning he serves her a cup of piping hot bed tea. She lays out his clothes for the day and later serves a warm, healthy breakfast. Then, she dictates ‘the list’. Everyday. It’s her grocery list. He fulfills it each day to its entirety, each item brought and laid out on […]

2 gifts from Japan

Over the spring break of 2016, I return back home bearing two gifts for myself. Gifts from the Japanese art of living. The Japanese are blessed with the kindest facial features which are a reflection of utterly graceful and polite mannerisms. They will always smile, bow and make the most mundane actions, such as returning […]

Baat Urdu Ki

As I flipped through the pages of ‘Celebrating the best of Urdu poetry”, familiar words and couplets started surfing up, words that brought back fond memories of growing up in a household where family dinners were quite often spiced up with shero shayari. I would admire how effortlessly Daddy quoted Diwan e Ghalib with carefully […]

Komorebi- A Japan photo memoir

komorebi (木漏れ日) –the sunshine filtering through the leaves of a tree; mellow and still, yet so nimble. A photo tribute to the beautiful people and traditions of Japan.   Kimono is always used on important festivals or ceremonies, but also often worn as casual clothing by young, single women.’Furisode’ literally translates as swinging sleeves, are […]