2 gifts from Japan

Over the spring break of 2016, I return back home bearing two gifts for myself. Gifts from the Japanese art of living.
The Japanese are blessed with the kindest facial features which is a reflection of utterly graceful and polite mannerisms. They will always smile, bow and make the most mundane actions, such as returning your change, seem like a ritualistic offering. There is no place for conceit here.

Charu Tyagi Krishan's photo.

A humble Ryokan, which is a traditional Japanese inn, was my home for the last couple of days in Kyoto. The living space was simple, beautiful and functional. The soothing fragrance and feel of a tatami mat transcended the experience. It’s clutter free visual was easy on the eyes and the soul.

Charu Tyagi Krishan's photo. Charu Tyagi Krishan's photo.

No conceit, no clutter. Two Gifts I can live with.


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