The One Item List


Every morning he serves her a cup of piping hot bed tea. She lays out his clothes for the day and later serves a warm, healthy breakfast.

Then, she dictates ‘the list’. Everyday. It’s her grocery list.

1455882_10153845518744096_5549668855836230092_nHe fulfills it each day to its entirety, each item brought and laid out on the kitchen counter top.
“You are just the two of you, how much grocery would you need everyday?” Or “why not delegate the task to the domestic help ?” we ask.

“it’s just a packet of milk or few bananas or a stick of butter; just enough weight that he can carry back on foot easily”, she explains.
It’s her subtle way to keep him healthy and moving.
He walks down to the neighborhood grocer each morning from his 2nd floor apartment. As he walks by, the young and old in the neighborhood wave hello, admire his impeccable dressing sense and compliment the youthful bounce in his step. You can see he enjoys it and comes back home with a bread loaf and an interesting roadside story or two to tell her.

Nothing monumental or overly ambitious; it starts with just a small, meaningful list.

Could be just a one-item-list but something that is weightless, doesn’t stress you, something that you can carry easily with a bounce in your step, something that you can fulfill, something that is meant to bring joy to people around you.

Make your one-item-list for 2016, see it through and have a great year ahead my friends!


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