The Buddha’s Law Among The Birds


“ The Buddha’s Law Among The Birds” -saw this title while flipping through the catalog at a Bodh Gaya book store recently. The book jacket described that no more than three centuries ago, an anonymous Lama wrote an interesting poem describing how the birds of the Himalayas met under the leadership of the cuckoo bird on a holy mountain and how they were instructed in the Buddhist way of living and thinking.

I had forgotten all about the book till I saw a Mourning Dove homing in the Robin’s nest today. Come April, the Robin inhabits the top of the entry door on my porch. When the nesting cycle is complete they fly away. This year another wise Robin spotted the existing stockpile and re used the nest in June! Once she was gone, the Dove moved in! All year I’ve enjoyed discovering the secret life of these nesting birds. Refreshing the bird feeder, clicking pictures, observing hatching cycle and at times feeling gratitude when friends mentioned that nesting birds carefully select a haven that’s safe, return year after year and that they bring good fortune into the home.


So which ones of Buddha’s Laws do these birds follow? I wonder. Quite a few, I conclude.

Persevere, Create, Nurture, Let go, Soar, Sing, Flock in need, Fly with the seasons, Spread your wings, Leave the nest for a guest, Weave something beautiful out of the mess, Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of life.


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