The Graceful Fluidity of a Saree

“ A wondrous weaver wove this cloth, with the thread of karma as the warp, memory and attachment as the weft.”

– Kabir


Shashikant Dhotre’s sketch- Saree

I organised my saree closet today after the trip to India for my niece’s wedding and felt like adding to this note and sharing with you again. I realized how much I miss wearing sarees often!Wondered if I lived in India and could go about everyday doing what I do, in a saree?
The mundane closet organization activity morphed into a storytelling rendezvous with the chanderis, pochampallis, ikats, kotas, banarasis and such.
Each saree I flipped, told me a story.
Many are gifts; 6 yards of sheer love. An elegant, bright red silk that was a pleasant surprise in a goody bag given by a dear friend during my recent India trip. Some are classic maroons: trophies from my victorious raids on my mother’s closet. Few are mementos from weddings, rituals and births in the circle of family and friends; symbolic of the new relationships that we weave into with such ease while undoing the knots. Then there are some from my bridal trousseau; reds and golds having a ‘I do’ moment! One came home with husband’s first salary. Another one draped around me while I performed the havan as a new mother. A precious hand-me-down from my mother in law. A khadi silk, more befitting than a business suit, that I wore to my first funding presentation in 1997.
As I swiped off the creases and continued to carefully fold each sari, felt gratitude for the ever concealed ‘sutradhaar‘, the master weaver, who spun the ‘sutra’, thread by thread, so I could design memories on it.


“This is nothing,” whispered Kabir. “I have run mere cotton threads for the warp and weft. But how did God, the Master Weaver, make this finely woven fabric we call skin that we wear all our lives? What is the warp? What is the weft? What fine thread does he use?” wondered Kabir and broke into a song.

Jhini jhini bini chadariya, Kaahe ka tana,

kaahe ki bharani, Kaun taar se bini chadariya?

Kabir The Weaver-Poet By Jaya Madhavan


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