Monthly Archives: June 2017

THE NAMESAKE: Reclaiming My Swastika

The Hindu priest who conducted the “Graha Pravesh” rituals for our new home in 2005 in New York politely refused to draw the Swastika on the threshold of my front door. The ceremony was incomplete without the ubiquitous and revered symbol in one of the oldest living traditions in India, an ancient Hindu symbol of […]

Bal, Buddhi, Vidya: Of Strength, Intellect & Knowledge

कपि कें ममता पूँछ पर सबहि कहउँ समुझाइ। तेल बोरि पट बाँधि पुनि पावक देहु लगाइ॥24॥ SunderKand, 24 Ravan, in his dire ignorance, thinks that the ideal way to decimate a monkey would be to soak its tail in oil and burn it; for a monkey’s tail is the seat of its loyalty and love. […]

Wordily Pleasure

It’s all about words. Words that came to us by chance. And in the virile pride of our cognitive superiority, now we breed words. The archaic Sapiens that came before us inhabited East Africa 150,000 years ago and began efforts to overrun planet earth with the mission to drive the other human species to extinction. […]